Whoa!!!! I can’t believe that we are now on the other side of the Women in White Coats Virtual Conference. We put in so much to make it a success and it was literally beyond anything we could have dreamed of!

It was absolutely AMAZING!!!! And you know why? Because we had so many of our sister docs who showed up, connected, were vulnerable about what they were going through, and supported one another. There was LOTS of love in those virtual rooms. 

We kept hearing women docs just like you say that since the conference they no longer felt alone. The simple truth is that there are more female doctors who feel that it’s hard to balance seeing patients while having a family. None of us are perfect…or even close to it. Many of us get how balance may not exist in your life. That life can be messy.  Women in White Coats gets you and we have created a place just for you!

So what else did you miss at the virtual con? Well, we had some fabulous panels. Because we just have to share with you some of the power players on our panels, here is a clip of the our Heroes Panel. 

Click Here to Watch the Women in White Coats Heroes Panel

Even though you may have missed the virtual conference, you still can access the other recorded sessions and can get 10.75 CME too! 

Want to get access to the Women in White Coats Virtual Conference RIGHT NOW? 


AND… guess what!?!? We are preparing for our in person conference in 2021 at Chateau Elan.

You can get a discounted rate in the next 48 hours ONLY by using the coupon code THANKYOU100 to get $100 off your registration. 


Well…that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m going to rest now since this weekend has been lots of fun…BUT I’m tired. Wishing you all the best! Have a great WEEK!