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The WomenInWhiteCoats.com blog is the voice of women in white coats. It is a forum for women in healthcare to discuss the issues that face us as a group. It is a place to advocate for change in improving inequalities in healthcare. It also is a place to provide mentorship to the next generation of women in white coats.

Our blog was born from the writing and publication of our best-selling book “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats.” This book is a compilation of inspiring memoirs written by 20 women in medicine and dentistry. The stories highlight the obstacles many of us faced while training or practicing medicine. It also discusses the various issues unique to women in medicine from being a pregnant physician to family life to sexual assault and racial and gender biases.

From our book launch in May of 2018, we started to see that the discussion needed to continue beyond the book and that is why we launched our blog. Our goal is to continue the discussion and build a movement to bring about change while providing mentorship to women in healthcare.

The WomenInWhiteCoats.com blog is a movement all about women in white coats empowering one another. It is for women by women.

Any time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.


Amber Robins, MD, MBA

Amber Robins, MD, MBA

Archana R. Shrestha, MD

Archana R. Shrestha, MD


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Natasha K. Sriraman, MD, MPH 


Bande Virgil, MD


Nina Lum, MD


Danielle Lombardi, DDS

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Kena Shah, DO

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