A letter from our Co-Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Archana Shrestha, MD, MS, FACEP.

Dear Reader,

As we open up voting for the Women in White Coats Hero of the Year Award, I take pause to reflect on why this award is so important. The simple reason we put together this award is because we have been very impressed with the work of so many women doctors. They are up to some amazing things and truly are everyday heroes making a huge impact on patients, in their communities, at their institutions and many are also helping to advance medicine with their research or disrupting industries with their innovations.

But when you dig deeper, the other big reason is that we believe more women doctors need to be recognized for what they are doing. As women, we aren’t quite as good as our male colleagues at “tooting our own horns.” Since we were little girls, many of us were taught to be modest or to make ourselves small. So we don’t let everyone know about all the incredible things we have been doing.  And as a result the accomplishments and contributions of women are often overlooked. 

With our Women in White Coats Heroes awards, we want to put an end to that and truly highlight and honor all the women in white coats who are doing phenomenal work. We see you and you deserve to be recognized!

We hope you will join us in celebrating the Top 12 Women in White Coats Heroes who are named on our heroes page and take time to read their inspiring bios. Shout them out on social media and let the world know just how many inspiring, innovative, and accomplished women doctors there are out there. And be sure to vote for the woman doctor whom you feel should be the Hero of the Year.

We hope you will also attend the Women in White Coats Hero awards ceremony where we will announce the 2020 Hero of the Year and where you will also get to meet these 12 heroes in person!

Best Wishes and Happy Voting!


Archana Shrestha, MD is a practicing emergency physician in Chicago. She is coauthor of “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats” and Cofounder of WomenInWhiteCoats.com. She is also an online health and fitness coach. Her healthy living lifestyle blog can be found at MightyMomMD.com and she can be followed on Instagram @MightyMomMD