A Letter from our Co-Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Amber Robins:

Dear Reader,

This week I had a plan: I would focus on myself and what I want to do with my life. I know this is a BIG thing to do and led to lots of introspective thoughts. But I wanted to be sure that each step I take in my life is purposeful. It actually is something that I struggle with on a regular basis.
I think much of what I struggle with has been surrounded by burn out. It is not that easy to always take care of other people’s needs. It’s literally embedded in us and our careers. We are lifelong caregivers. And just like patients who have their own personal caregiver, it’s in the nature of caregivers to neglect ourselves. I can honestly say that I have neglected myself for years. I sacrifice what I want for what others want from me. I sacrificed much of my life to medicine or the pursuit of it. I helped my patients become stronger and healthier, while I became more depressed and skipped more than a few meals to make it through the day. It’s really a spiral.
So this week I said I would do things differently. I would do what I want for me, and  focus on where I could see my life headed. First, I had to come up with a plan to really focus in. And guess where I started….in my BURN BRIGHT JOURNAL!

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If you haven’t heard about this journal, you definitely should check it out. In this journal I have been writing what I am grateful for and who is grateful for me. I even wrote some things in the margins of my one page journal daily entry with scriptures. As I go through my journal, I also say a prayer at the end to really ask God what He wants for me and my life. Even though this has been just a week, I LOVE that I am becoming more intimate with myself and my desires. It’s helping me focus on my long term goals while being present in my day to day life.
My hope is that you will join me and so many others on this BURN BRIGHT journey. Burning out is not the path that any of us want to take. It takes conscious effort to step out and say enough to burning out. It’s time for us all to take back our lives in our own hands. Why not be able to lean in to your true authentic self? Why not focus on what you want and what you need? Why not be more grateful and happy for life?
It’s all in your control. You have been given this gift of life for a reason. My deepest prayer for Women in White Coats is to continue to uplift you on your journey. We want to be that comfy place that you thought never existed for female docs, but longed to have it so that you could be the best version of you. We are HERE for you! We are YOUR PEOPLE!
Thank you for being part of this group! We absolutely LOVE and adore  you! It’s your time to BURN BRIGHT!

Amber Robins,
Co-Editor-In-Chief, Women in White Coats Blog

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