Sonal Patel, MD

Dr. Sonal Patel is a board certified neonatologist and pediatrician who developed her passion for maternal-infant health through her career and individual experiences. Graduating from University of Nebraska, Medical Center (UNMC) in 2003, she pursued Pediatric Residency at Louisiana State University (LSU) followed by additional training in Neonatology at LSU and Tufts. Dr. Patel joined Denver Health as a neonatologist in 2009. Here, she helped develop the NICU Preemie Breastfeeding Program and Co-chaired the Breastfeeding Task Force. She was also involved in breastfeeding education development. Dr. Patel is currently a member of American Breastfeeding Academy and pursuing Certified Lactation Educator credentialing. Her education has been centered on infant nutrition and its impact on infant development.

She is the mother of 4 boys who identified through her personal and professional experiences an area that needed improvement and now is on a mission to create the change she desires in postpartum care for all mothers. She is the founder of Nayacare which provides postpartum home visits.
NayaCare was created to support moms and families entering life’s new chapter. Learn more at



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January 1, 2019

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