dr. Ashely Alker

Ashely Alker, M.D., M.Sc., is a nationally published speaker and writer, with a focus on patient education and healthcare policy. Dr. Alker studied at Harvard School of Public Health’s International Institute in Cyprus, where she lived near the United Nations’ Green Zone and worked at the Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture. After attending George Washington University School of Medicine, Ashely worked as a healthcare advisor for a U.S. Congressman. She completed her medical residency at The University of California, San Diego, where she gave a TEDx talk on end-of-life care. She is currently the Chief Medical Media Officer of Doctorpedia, a patient education organization, and produced and co-hosted the “COVID Frontlines” public health education webcast. Ashely also works as a medical technical consultant for network television and major motion pictures. She currently is under contract for a new HBO series. Dr. Alker is a nationally published writer on topics including gun violence prevention, equity in medicine, and narrative medicine. She has been a featured writer in USA Today, TEDMED, KevinMD, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and has published a children’s book on understanding death.

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