When should I have “the talk” with my kids? What if I don’t know what to say? If I accidentally say something “wrong”, will I set them up for failure? These are all valid questions we may ask when trying to educate our children about sex. Even as physicians, it can be an uncomfortable topic to approach. In today’s episode, Dr. Archana Shrestha interviews Dr. Shannon Widlansky about how to create open communication with our children about important topics like sex.  

Dr. Shannon Widlansky is a retired Ob/Gyn, gender expert, and master-certified life coach. Her business, Having the Talks, helps parents feel more confident talking to their adolescent children about sex. Check out her website,  https://www.shannonwidlansky.com/ or on Instagram @havingthetalks. 

Key Takeaways

[03:49] Why it’s important to have many “talks” -not just one!

[06:08] Dr. Widlansky’s top tips for parents wanting to talk to their kids

[11:20] How to approach having these important (and maybe uncomfortable) discussions  

[15:07] Teaching values in a way that allows your child to think for themselves 

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