Burnout- it needs no introduction. Drs. Amber and Archana are very aware of and have experienced this issue right alongside many women physicians. In this week’s episode, instead of discussing why it happens, they address the common mistakes sister docs often view as the solutions for burnout. Tune in to find out if you’re making these mistakes and learn about the real solution for getting back on track!

Key Takeaways

[01:15] Why Women In White Coats focuses on “burning bright” 

[02:40] Drs. Amber and Archana introduce mistake #1

[05:30] Why mistake #2 does nothing to solve the problem

[09:00] How mistake #3 starts out as a good idea

[12:00] How mistake #4 affects both newer and more experienced sister docs

[14:12] Learn about our free training available to get back to burning bright

Is work causing you to feel stressed and burnt out? We have a FREE training where we teach 3 steps that actually work to get you out of overwhelm and exhaustion and feeling more confident and balanced. Check it out here: https://womeninwhitecoats.com/3stepstraining/

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