We recently launched our brand new book, “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats 2.” In it 10 women doctors share their personal narratives of the struggles and successes of what it takes to become a physician. You’ll read about gender disparity, being a mom in medicine, superwoman syndrome and so much more. In this episode, our book publicist interviews contributing author Dr. Latasha Bogues, a board -certified pediatrician, about her experience growing up with a dad who is a physician, the journey to becoming a doctor and her own experience where the tables turn and she herself becomes a patient.

To get a copy of the book go to WomeninWhiteCoats.com

Are you a physician who is dissatisfied in your current job? Have you been thinking about pivoting and making a career move? Has the pandemic caused you to re-evaluate where you are and what you are doing? 

Since so many doctors are wanting to pivot in their careers right now, we decided to put together a Women in White Coats Virtual Summit called Women Docs Thinking Outside the Box. You will hear from an amazing line-up of guest experts who are all women docs thinking outside the box, living life and practicing medicine on their own terms. They will share with you their best tips for making a transition into everything from Telemedicine and Locums to Physician Leadership, Lifestyle Medicine and Medical Media. We will even have experts talking about how to get started in Real Estate and Stock Investing and entrepreneurship. And there’s so much more. Our Virtual Summit is FREE and runs from August 31- Sept 4. To check out the line-up of speakers and all the topics we will cover, go to womeninwhitecoats.com/virtualsummit and get registered today.