Have you ever wondered how you can exist in your current role AND also thrive? In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Lai sits down with Dr. Archana to explore her insights and breakthroughs from our Physician Wellness and Empowerment Program. Through the program, she learned that she was not alone and hearing from other sister docs in the weekly group coaching sessions was extremely healing for her. Trying to escape burnout the wrong way can often cause us to put more and more on our plates. Listen in to this important episode where Dr. Jennifer shares her biggest takeaway about overcoming burnout and how you can too. 

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Key Takeaways

[6:18] Dr. Jennifer’s biggest takeaways from the group coaching

[9:21] Her most important aha moments from PWEP

[14:16] How shifting your mindset can change the practice of medicine

[16:57] How Dr. Jennifer has changed the way she manages her time off

[19:43] Her favorite parts about PWEP and group coaching

[22:40] Her advice for those that could benefit from coaching

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