Are you skeptical about coaching? Like many women physicians, Dr. Thomi Sharpe knew when counseling could be beneficial, but was hesitant to get involved with coaching. In this week’s episode, Dr. Archana Shrestha interviews Dr. Thomi about her change of heart during the Women in White Coats Physician and Wellness Empowerment Program (PWEP). Tune in to hear why coaching, not counseling, was just what this sister doc needed!

The Women in White Coats Physician Wellness and Empowerment Program is a holistic and time-efficient 12-week Burn Bright program designed by women physicians for the unique demands fellow female doctors are facing in the current Pandemic-era health care system. To learn more about PWEP click here:

Key Takeaways

[02:30] Dr. Thomi shares how her participation in PWEP revealed her tendency to overwork

[07:00] Why she realized coaching, not counseling, was what she really needed

[13:33] Dr. Thomi shares what she sees as the MAIN difference between counseling and coaching

[18:50] How the format of PWEP ensures anyone can participate 

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