Dr. Nadia Sabri, MD FAAP

Nadia Sabri, MD FAAP is a board certified Pediatrician, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, public speaker, and certified yoga & meditation instructor (RYT 200). She is an active member of the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP), AAP’s Councils on Early Childhood, Community Medicine papertyper.net, Integrative Medicine, Communications and Media. She is also an active member of Texas Pediatric Society, Texas Medical Society, and Travis County Medical Society Physician Wellness Program committee.

Dr. Nadia advocates for women in medicine, parental and professional empowerment, mental health and wellbeing, trauma recovery, ACEs reduction. She regularly teaches yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to physicians.

Dr. Nadia is founder of the award winning blog, The Mindful MD Mom, and her health and wellness tips have been featured in national publications like The Washington Post, Parents, Thrive Global, USA Today, Elite Daily, Doximity, KevinMD, Motherly, Physicians Weekly, MomMD, among others.

Connect with Dr. Nadia on her blog, The Mindful MD Mom, and on social media: Instagram, Twitter,  Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

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