Ashley Saucier, MD

Dr. Ashley Saucier is the medical director in the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Department at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital located in Baton Rouge, LA. She graduated from University of Tennessee Memphis’ pediatric residency in 2007 and completed fellowship at the same institution in 2013.

After fellowship, she started medical areas at the 2 largest shelters in Baton Rouge during the 2016 flooding in Baton Rouge, LA. Along with 5 other working moms, founded Baton Rouge Emergency Aid Coalition (BREAC225).
Through the aid of BREAC225, #grassrootsmedrelief was then founded. They were able to remotely aid in the development and funding of the NRG shelter during Hurricane Harvey (Houston) and flew aid into Texas via Cajun Airlift. Dr. Saucier helped organize many flights into Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, giving medical and humanitarian aid. She also helped to fund and organize medical aid for several disasters following the catastrophic 2017 hurricane season, including aid to Lombok, Indonesia. In addition, Dr. Saucier organized relief to the Florida Panhandle following Hurricane Michael, flying medical and humanitarian aiding via Cajun Airlift.

Dr. Saucier is passionate about bringing medical relief to disaster areas using local resources, the power of social media, and ultimately empowering others to realize they have the ability to do the same.



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January 30, 2019


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