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Stephanie Seasly, MD

Family and Addiction Medicine


Dr. Stephanie Seasly is a mom and physician. She is multi-passionate doctor who is double board certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine and has been exploring clinical and nonclinical avenues to find her passion and niche.

She attended Millikin University in Illinois where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and then earned a Master of Science in Neuroscience at Tulane University in New Orleans.

New Orleans stole her heart and she made it her home as she continued at Tulane University for medical school. She found during this time that she loved to connect with people no matter the clinical rotation and gravitated towards a residency in Family Medicine. Following her residency, she dabbled in several different types of clinical settings but found the connections she was looking for deeply rooted in Addiction Medicine and Pain Medicine. She believes these to be two sides of a spectrum with patients who are so quickly judged and placed bias upon, and her passion is to be a resource to those who feel lost in the system.

Dr. Seasly also prides herself in raising her daughter — who is her world. She has found difficulty in balancing work and home life while being a single mom but also prioritizes time outside of clinical medicine crafting and creating. She hopes by sharing her story she can give others confidence to find themselves amidst life’s challenges.