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Steph Lee, MD, MPH

Pediatrics and General Preventive Medicine


Steph Lee, MD, MPH is a pediatrician and preventive medicine specialist. She graduated from Boston University’s Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education Program and completed training first in Pediatrics in Southern California and then in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine in South Carolina.

She works for Penn State Health just outside of Philadelphia in a community hospital clinic and loves empowering kids to live their best life. She also is interested in bettering children’s lives through climate action. She advocates for public policies advancing children’s health through leadership in state medical associations and specialty organizations. 

Her parenting advice has been featured in ABC News, Parents Magazine, Healthline, and As a former writer and editor for an online publication, Mochi Magazine, she wrote about dating, healthy relationships, and increasing industry representation for Asian Americans. On her website,, she shares insight on her marital and medical journey, now married to another doctor. She hopes to inspire young women to live a life filled with passion and purpose both in and outside of medicine. Connect with her on social media: @stephleemd