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Kelli Mayfield, MD

Family and Palliative Medicine


Dr. Kelli Mayfield is a “doctor of all trades”.  She is a board-certified family medicine physician who is additionally certified in palliative medicine. She is also a certified nursing home and hospice medical director. She graduated summa cum laude from Mars Hill University in North Carolina as a psychology major. Following this, she pursued research on the effects of drugs on behavior at Vanderbilt University, graduating with a Master’s Degree which inspired her to become a physician. 

At East Tennessee State University James Quillen College of Medicine, she won both local and national awards for excellence in Family Medicine education. Dr. Mayfield returned to Appalachia’s mountains, the home of her family for generations, to begin her career as a solo practitioner.  Over the past 25 years, she has treated patients from birth to end of life in every setting imaginable; home, office, urgent care, emergency room, telemedicine,  hospital, nursing home, hospice, and internationally.  

She is passionate about supporting those who are silently suffering due to the disparities in our current health care systems. After traveling the frequently lonely road to recovery through pain and burn out, she dedicates herself to providing hope and empowerment to others in their journey. 

Dr. Mayfield’s greatest love is her husband who has been a source of strength for her for over thirty years. They live in Maine with three dogs. She has two gifted daughters who share her passion for art and travel.