Here’s the Root Cause of Burnout For You and How to Fix It 

Your Result: Lone She-Wolf

Just 36% of practicing physicians in the United States are women. The reason you feel burnt out is you’re on your own trying to make your way in a male-dominated field. You’re given a white coat made for a man and that fits you like a garbage bag. The male physicians are referred to as Dr. Last Name but you’re called Dr. First Name if they even call you doctor at all.

The female nurses and techs don’t include you because you’re not one of them. The male physicians don’t invite you to poker night or to watch the game because you’re just not one of the guys. And if you’re a mom, even the stay at home moms in your neighborhood don’t get you either because you’re smart, ambitious and busy. (And let’s be honest, they are a little intimidated by all your accomplishments.)

You feel unsupported and sometimes like an imposter. It’s lonely being a female attending physician especially in a community practice where the old boys club of medicine is alive and well.

The bad news is that multiple studies published in JAMA show that more than 70% of women physicians experience gender bias in the workplace. The good news is that it doesn’t have to continue to be that way.

Here’s what you need to do:

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