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Through our coaching, courses, and community we uplift and empower women doctors to be fulfilled in both their career and personal life.


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Book 3 Excerpt: Beyond Burnout

Book 3 Excerpt: Beyond Burnout

This week on the blog, we are sharing an excerpt of the chapter Dr. Archana Shrestha wrote in the third installment of The Chronicles of Women in White Coats! Keep reading to learn more about her personal experience with burnout: It’s the summer of 2020, and there’s a...

Ep #134: Let’s Talk About Sex with Dr. Shannon Widlansky

Ep #134: Let’s Talk About Sex with Dr. Shannon Widlansky

When should I have “the talk” with my kids? What if I don’t know what to say? If I accidentally say something “wrong”, will I set them up for failure? These are all valid questions we may ask when trying to educate our children about sex. Even as physicians, it can be...

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The Chronicles of Women in White Coats 3 gives you a chance to look into the lives of women doctors through their stories. From their personal and professional narratives, these women discuss their many roles at work and home. You’ll get a glimpse of the journey into medicine that includes moments of confidence, impostor syndrome, failure, and negative self talk. In this book, you’ll also discover instances of double standards and sexual harassment. All these inspirational stories are part of “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats” book series that gives you a sneak peak to what it means to a Woman in a White Coat.



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