Physician Wellness & Empowerment Program

Burning Bright Instead of Burning Out

Our next session begins May 16, 2022

Hi, Sister Doc!

What if you could stop feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout?


What if instead you felt confident in your career and balanced in your life as a woman doctor?

What if you could turn burnout into burning bright?

Our Physician Wellness and Empowerment Program is a holistic and time-efficient
12-week Burn Bright program designed by women physicians for the unique demands fellow female doctors are facing in our current Pandemic-era health care system.


Good-bye Exhaustion, Hello Balance!

As a physician, you KNOW that the level of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm you are feeling is not sustainable, yet you find yourself….

  • Rushing from one place to the next, never feeling like you get a break, not even at home

  • Not finding time for self-care because there is never any down time

  • Numbing out to wine, chocolate, Facebook or Netflix as a way to cope with the negative feelings

  • Bringing unfinished charts home instead of spending time with family or resting

  • Snacking to de-stress between patients, after work or after putting the kids to bed

  • Constantly checking your phone, EMR and email inbox for a never-ending list of things to be done

  • Thinking about going part time or leaving medicine all together just to create more balance meanwhile beating yourself up for considering it


And the real wake-up call is when you start to dread going to work the next day and lose sleep wondering how you can make it to retirement feeling like this.

Sister Doc, it’s time to turn all of that around, and it all starts here with our program created specifically with YOU in mind.

By the end of our program you will: 


Have gotten over physical exhaustion with a sustainable self-care routine


Let go of thoughts that cause mental exhaustion


Be processing negative feelings without needing to numb with food, wine or Netflix


Be completing charting quickly and not bringing it home


Scheduling your time and priorities like a boss and be more efficient


Improve relationships with loved ones

And you’ll finally have a way to combat burnout for good

As you progress through our unique Burn Bright process, you will regain your sense of power and fulfillment in your career and life.

Are you ready to BURN BRIGHT with us?

If so, this program will help you do just that as we take a 360 degree look at your life.

The Burn Bright Process Revealed:

Turn Burn Out into Burning Bright With our Time-Efficient Program

Here’s What We Will Cover:

-Week #1-

Establishing a Self-Care Routine

Physical exhaustion is real. It’s time to develop a sustainable self-care routine

-Week #2-

Taking Your Power Back

How to step into your power no matter the circumstance

-Week #3-

Processing Emotions and Keeping Your Heart Open

Reconnect with your emotions again and finally learn how to process them in a healthy way

-Week #4-

Overcoming Buffering with Wine, Chocolate, Netflix or More

The real-deal on why we turn to wine, chocolate or Netflix to cope and how to stop

-Week #5-

Creating Wonderful Relationships

Feel connected in your relationships and show up as your best self

-Week #6-

Scheduling Your Time and Priorities

Gain time in your week and finally be present in the moment instead of running constant to-do lists in your head

-Week #7-

Rethinking Charting

We’ll show you how to stop bringing charts home once and for all

-Week #8-

Self-Worth and Imposter Syndrome

Finally realize you are enough and you deserve to be where you are.

-Week #9-

Setting Personal and Professional Boundaries

Let go of people pleasing and the guilt that comes along with it

-Week #10-

The Confidence Code for Women Doctors

How to Have Unshakeable Confidence

-Week #11-

Creating your Dream Life

We’ll show you how to get the results you truly want in life

-Week #12-

How to Self Coach

Learn the Skills To Coach Yourself Anywhere at Anytime

When you enroll in our program you will get:

+ Weekly Lessons with our Chief Wellness Officer (Recorded for Your Convenience) – Lifetime Access

+ Weekly LIVE Group Coaching with a certified Physician Life Coach (12 sessions)

+ Weekly Private Coaching with a professional Physician Life Coach (12 sessions)

+ 36 Hours of AMA PRA Category 1 CME 

(Yes, CME is included, so you can use your CME funds for this program)


AND the following BONUSES:

+ Burn Bright Gratitude Journal (hard cover)

+ An annual membership to our Women in White Coats Doctors’ Lounge (12 months free)


All of this is valued at over $15,000 dollars

You’ll even get our 30 Day Burn Bright Guarantee to try our program and make sure you love it. 

What Participants Are Saying….

Wondering what our programs are like?

Listen in as our Sister Docs explain!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m too busy

We created this program for busy women doctors and therefore it is time-effiicient. Sis, if you can’t find 1.5 hours for yourself out of 168 per week, then that’s a sign you truly need what we are going to teach you in this program. Because we will teach you to be more efficient and intentional with your time, this program will help you create time. Also weekly lessons are about 20-45 minutes long and are prerecorded and can be watched at a time that is convenient for you and can be sped up. Weekly private coaching sessions are 30 minutes and at a time that works for your schedule. Group sessions are just 1 hour per week and fly by. 

Now’s not the right time

There is no “perfect” time to make a change for the better. If not now, then when? Where will you be 6 months or 1 year from now if you don’t make a change? Likely more exhausted and overwhelmed and making decisions from a reactive, defeated and cynical place. (Not your highest self or the best decisions). Meanwhile it’s affecting your health, your energy and your relationships. Why not start now? Why not get out of pain and into more satisfaction, more joy, more happiness.

Asking for help is a sign of weakness

Enrolling in a coaching program is not a sign of weakness, but is a sign of strength and leads to success. Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, athletes and all high-achieving, successful professionals have coaches. (Truly, the physician community is lagging in this regard.) We are high-achiving, high-functioning doctors who deal with life and death on a daily basis. If entrepreneurs and athletes need coaches, of course all doctors do as well. Coaching was designed for people just like us to help us go from average to great. What I love is that it puts you back in the driver’s seat and truly turns you into the CEO of your life.

This may not work for me

Why wouldn’t it work for you? Did you think “it won’t work for me” when you enrolled in medical school? Of course it will work for you as it has for so many other women doctors just like you if you show up and do what is asked of you. Furthermore studies (including a randomized clinical trial) show that professional coaching for physicians makes a significant difference on reducing emotional exaustion and burnout and improves overall well-being. It’s possible for you to change the trajectory of your life and your career right now, right here by enrolling in our program with our certified physician life coaches. (We are so confident it will work that we have made it risk free for you to try with our 30 Day Burn Bright Guarantee.

I can’t afford it

What is it costing you to stay in the overwhelm, exhaustion and burn out you are in right now? In addition to your sleep, health and relationships, maybe it’s also affecting your productivity and income because you’ve cut down on your hours or plan to leave medicine early. Over your lifetime, how much income would you be giving up trying to get yourself out of the pain? (The average physician salary is $250K a year and if you leave your job 20 years early, you’ll be giving up $5 million in income.) If you are think you can’t afford this program, the truth is you can’t afford not to invest in the life and career changing results our coaching program will give you.

Spend money on myself?

Sis, YOU are 100% worth it. YOU are worth the investment because you are the Golden Goose and your most valuable asset. You’ve invested time, money and energy into becoming a doctor. Coaching is an investment into yourself to learn how to manage your thoughts and process your emotions so that you can continue to practice medicine and reconnect with the joy of medicine. You are a highly trained, smart, sophisticated woman and you deserve to invest in yourself. If you don’t value yourself enough to invest in yourself then who will?

When does the course start and finish?

The next round of the Program starts May 16, 2022 and will run for 12 weeks. As a part of this program, we ask that you invest approximately 2 hours of time per week into your own wellness so that you can get the most out of this experience. Group coaching sessions will happen on a weekday evening (Mon-Thurs) and will be LIVE. We will do our best to accommodate schedule requests. We encourage you to attend these LIVE so that you can get the most out of the group coaching sessions and also have an opportunity to be coached. They will be recorded and recordings will be available for a limited time only to participants in that group. Once you enroll in the program, you will get access to a scheduling link to book your weekly private 30 minute coaching sessions at a time that works for your schedule.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. You will have until April of 2023 to earn CME.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! That’s why we are giving you a 30 Day Burn Bright Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our program, contact us in the first 30 days of the program and we will give you a full refund minus $80 per private coaching session used.

I loved the program, now what? What do I do after the program?

We have a monthly coaching membership so that you can continue working on your wellness and empowerment or any area where you’d like to dive deeper. In the membership, you will continue to receive weekly 30 minute coaching sessions to discuss any topic you’d like coaching on. This membership is only available to those you have completed the program. 

Hi, We Are Drs. Amber & Archana

Sister Doc,

We see you. You are not alone. We know what you are feeling right now because we have been there ourselves.

But if you change nothing, nothing will change. You’ll still continue to feel overwhelm, exhaustion and constant stress. You will continue to feel burnt out. How long do you want to stay stuck in those feelings?

There is a better way, one that we were not taught anywhere along the way in our training. And we want to teach you how to step into your power and start to feel better right away.

You truly have nothing to lose (except overwhem and exhaustion) by enrolling, not even your financial investment in the program with our 30 Day Burn Bright Gaurantee.

Life changing results are within your reach right now. Yes, it’s possible to have the life of your dreams. Join us, and we will show you how.

See you on the inside of this program!

All our best,

Amber & Archana

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