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Becoming a doctor is where the story begins for the authors of “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats”. These twenty doctors give you a peek into their personal and professional lives while highlighting their roles as mothers, wives, caregivers, daughters, best friends, and so much more. From stories of sexual assault to breast cancer or even burn out to finding one’s true passion, they all come together to show the resilience and strength that female doctors must possess. Their patient narratives are also stirring and reveal what goes through the minds of doctors before and after seeing those they care for.


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This book should be number 1 in your reading material if you ultimate goal is to become a doctor. These aren’t just stories these are people who have been where you are. Some where lost, confused, broken, and wore out and yet they made it to there ultimate goal. With each chapter, with each author you feel a deep connection with parts of their life as if it were your own. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Its motivating and encouraging.
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The Chronicles of Women in White Coats is a riveting collection of stories. These women provide behind the scenes accounts of the strength, grit and determination of women in medicine. I appreciated their willingness to be honest about their struggles and I related to so many of their hardships and triumphs. Their personal stories beautifully illustrate their journeys through medical school, motherhood and the professional world. I found myself cheering for them, holding my breath for them and admiring them. The timing of this book is perfect as women are bravely tapping into their strength and pulling together to take on equality in the workplace.
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This book shares the secret lives of women in white coats as it takes you to the inner most thoughts and emotions of a group of successful women who are not only doctors but also wives, mothers, daughters and sisters among many other roles. Each chapter shares their individual narratives as they overcome obstacles and hurdles to achieve their dream of becoming physicians during their time as medical students, residents and also practicing physicians. It also shares what it’s like to be the woman in the white coat dealing with life and death, to be pregnant working in sometimes difficult conditions or to be a physician watching a family member die.

The stories are real and honest, yet at the same time inspiring and empowering. These authors share with a lot of heart and soul. It’s a page-turner that draws you in from page one and keeps you going all the way til the end. It’s a must-read for anyone considering a career in medicine but also for anyone who wants to better understand their physician or are curious as to what experiences they went through and the thoughts and emotions that go through their mind as they do their work. If you have loved “Greys Anatomy” or “ER” you will like this even better because you’ll also get to hear the inner dialogue of what is going on in your doctor’s mind.

It makes you realize that even people who seem so successful had obstacles to overcome and struggled with finding their true passion too.

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This book offers a fascinating and deeply personal glimpse into the challenges and joys facing women in medicine. The physician authors share intimate details of life-changing experiences as women, mothers and healthcare leaders while revealing the complex emotional burden of balancing their demands and responsibilities as caregivers of our communities and families. An inspiring, real-world commentary on the unique gifts women bring to medicine, this book will give you a fresh appreciation for these courageous and generous trailblazers.
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