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To create an uplifting and empowering network of women in medicine who are BURNING BRIGHT instead of burning out


Women Attendings, Residents, Fellows, and Medical Students

Why be a Member of Women in White Coats?

Women in White Coats is for women doctors by women doctors. Our goal is to inspire and uplift women doctors just like you on your journey and in all aspects of your life.

In the membership, you will set a goal and then be matched with an accountability group that is made up of women doctors from various backgrounds and locations. It’s not like your co-worker water cooler chat. This is more intimate and gets the root of achieving your goals both personally and professionally.

Your annual membership includes structured Women in White Coats gatherings, exclusive content, digital tools, live events with experts (aka The Doctor’s Lounge), perks to other Women in White Coats events, and a personal Women in White Coats guide.

By joining the Women in White Coats membership, you’re committing to a 1-hour virtual gathering every month for a full year. Your job is to do the work that you set for yourself in between those gatherings to realize your goals.

Did you know that we are more likely to succeed at a goal when we can identify obstacles to our goals and address them. You will be able to do that and more here at Women in White Coats. Think of this as a mastermind on steroids.

Let’s start by getting more details to match you to your accountability group.

*These groups will commence in August 2021. 

Your annual membership includes:

  • WIWC Monthly Mastermind in small groups of your peers

  • Monthly Doctors Lounge Masterclasses led by experts (access to the Doctors Lounge)

  • WIWC Career and Professional Advancement Masterclass Series

  • WIWC Financial Freedom Masterclass Series

  • WIWC Overcoming Burnout Masterclass Series

  • WIWC Fertility and Family Planning Masterclass Series

  • WIWC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Masterclass Series

  • Discounts to WIWC Events

  • Women in White Coats Monthly Guide Book

What is a mastermind? 

It’s a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, accountability and support in a group setting to create the success you want.

Membership Options

Your Annual Membership Includes

  • Structured Women in White Coats gatherings,

  • Exclusive content,

  • Digital tools,

  • Live events with experts (aka The Doctor’s Lounge),

  • Perks to other Women in White Coats events,

  • and a personal Women in White Coats guidebook.

You’ll learn all the power of having accountability and how to get the most out of your group.

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