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No doctor or physician should feel alone

Countless women like you in the medical profession are running on fumes with no one to turn to for help.

  • Do you feel like no one “gets” you at work?
  • Do you dread getting out of bed each day? 
  • Does working on your personal development feel overwhelming and impossible? 
  • Do you wish you could let your hair down and just vent?
  • Are your relationships suffering because you have no time or energy?
  • Do you wish you could be supported for once, instead of constantly supporting others?

The Women in White Coats Doctors’ Lounge is a growth-minded community where you can connect to other women doctors and learn to thrive in and out of your office. This is your space to relax and recharge so you can do your best work.

Women supporting women in life and work

The Sister Docs you’ll meet inside are talented, motivating, passionate, and ready to support you. You get everything you need to grow personally and professionally so you can be your best in life and work.

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You don’t have to have it all figured out

Imposter syndrome, loneliness, and burnout are running rampant among women doctors and physicians. But contrary to what you might think, you aren’t struggling alone.

The Doctors’ Lounge exists to empower and uplift women in white coats. By offering support, training, and safe space to work through important issues, we help women like you improve their mental health, gain confidence, find community, and recover the passion so they can fully enjoy their lives again.

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*The Women in White Coats Doctors’ Lounge is a private membership community intended for women physicians and dentists only (MD, DO, MBBS, DDS, DMD, DPM) and you may be asked to present your NPI to verify your title.

**Support groups will be HIPAA compliant and meet Peer Review Guidelines. They will not be recorded and may only be attended live. If you chose to attend, you agree to keep all information and disclosures private and confidential. You also agree not to record, or photograph or otherwise reproduce any part of it.

***Any information presented inside the Doctors’ Lounge is not to be reproduced in any shape or form via any method without the expressed written consent of Women in White Coats Project, LLC. This information is not intended as medical, career nor financial advice and should not be taken as such. By choosing to become a member of the Doctors Lounge you agree to abide by the Terms of Use outlined on our blog.

Who is Women in White Coats?

Formed in 2018, Women in White Coats began as a blog to be the voice of women in white coats. After the success of our best-selling book, “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats”, we knew the discussion needed to continue beyond the book and the blog.

We wanted to create a community where we as women doctors could connect with our fellow sister docs who experience the same issues.

The Women in White Coats Doctors’ Lounge is an online community specifically for women doctors who want open and honest discussion around the unique issues we face as women in healthcare, such as gender equity, unequal pay and opportunity, juggling family and career, and much more.

You have a place here. Your voice and story matter, and we believe the community and training found in the Doctors’ Lounge will help you lead a more fulfilled and successful life.

They don’t cover this in medical school

As doctors, we spend years preparing to serve our patients with the highest level of care possible. But being a doctor is not one dimensional. Our lives are complex, rich, and messy. While we might be prepared in our practice, nothing can prepare us for the realities of life as a woman in medicine.

In the Doctors’ Lounge, we boldly discuss the challenges, obstacles and important topics we need to navigate to be successful, happy, and fulfilled.

To give you an idea of what we cover, here are some of our previous masterclasses:

  • Balancing Personal & Professional Life
  • Surviving Moral Injury and Finding Joy
  • Miscarriage & Body Image for Women Doctors
  • ​​Fertility and Family Planning 
  • How Women Doctors Can Achieve Financial Independence & Retire Early
  • Side Gigs For Doctors To Create More Freedom
  • Top 5 Contract Mistakes Doctors Make
  • Imposter Syndrome and How To Overcome It
  • Leadership for Women Doctors
  • Online Marketing Tips to Successfully Grow Your Private Practice
  • How to Address Sexual Harassment By Patients
  • Overcoming the EMR Beast: Tips to Take Back Control of Your Time
  • Secrets to Beautiful Skin and Balancing Hormones with Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an in-person community?
  • The Women in White Coats Doctors’ Lounge is a virtual, online community of women doctors and physicians from all around the country. By hosting the community and masterclasses online, more women can participate, which benefits everyone.
Can I earn CME credits?
  • Yes! You are able to earn 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ from point-of-care learning activities through CMEfy for each masterclass.
How much time will this take?
  • Each monthly masterclass is between 30-60 minutes. Each class is recorded so you can watch later if you’re unavailable during the live session. We know you’re busy, but if you want to avoid burnout, stay innovative, and continue to enjoy your work, you must invest time taking care of yourself. We believe the time you invest in the Doctors’ Lounge will dramatically change your life for the better. 

Start Thriving in Community Today

The Women in White Coats Doctors’ Lounge is your new home for navigating life as a woman in the medical world. We’re here to support you, uplift you, and provide the tools you need to thrive in your career and life. Don’t spend another minute struggling alone. Join the Doctor’s Lounge today!