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Losing your highly trained physicians to burnout, exhaustion and overwhelm?

What we know
About physician burnout:

  • 42% of physicians overall report professional burnout
  • Nearly half of physicians (47%) within a healthcare organization report burnout
  • 51% of women physicians report burnout
  • Burnout is one of the largest factors determining whether or not physicians intend to leave their current position in the next 24 month. Intent to leave correlates with actual departure.
  • The turnover of one team member increases the risk of burnout to all other members of the care team over the next 12 months even if a replacement is found
  • Burnout decreases productivity and also leads to physicians reducing work hours
  • Burnout is correlated with an increased likelihood of major medical errors
  • Burnout can be “infectious” and cynicism and loss of engagement can spread from one team member to another.

The cost to replace a physician is 2-3 times the physician’s annual salary or $500K-$1M

Why institutions, departments, and practices should offer a physician wellness and empowerment program: 

  • Happy doctors = happy patients. Studies show patient satisfaction is linked to physician satisfaction. 
  • Organizational interventions can reduce burnout
  • Retain your highly trained physicians
  • Avoid cost of replacing physicians ($500K-$1M per doctor)
  • Patients don’t like turn over of their physicians and it disrupts continuity and treatment plans
  • Prevents unnecessary mental illness and physician suicides
  • Shows that your institution takes physician wellness seriously
  • Wonderful benefit to the medical staff
  • It’s the right thing to do to support physicians 

Read More about The Business Case for Investing in Physician Well-being published in JAMA by Dr. Tait Shanafelt, MD

Studies show

that physician coaching programs work and move the needle on physician wellbeing

We now have randomized clinical trials from Stanford and Mayo showing it’s impact and effectiveness.

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